10 thoughts on “Nom, nom. Nom!

    1. Hhaha! Smart.. smart. :)

      Or we could join forces and invite some pleasantly plumb (watched way too many Honey Boo Boo episodes) friends to come along.

      You know.. just in case. ;)

  1. Utrecht is in the heart of Holland. It’s a charming and a very old city… when the Romans stayed over they did some city planning and much of the roads are still the same. Friendly yes.. it’s has the rawness of any other city in the world but still friendly. :)

  2. Foil man is glad he’s aluminum instead of carbon based. I on the other hand am too edible to be safely within your arms reach in a post-apocalyptic environment. Of course, I might strike first and have myself a Purni-roni pizza or a Purni burger. Wait, this is all taking a very disturbing turn. It’s the rabbit. He’s making me think strange thoughts. I don’t normally contemplate cannibalism. Really!

    1. Hahaha ooh Robert.. thanks for making me laugh.. It’s the rabbit. Each time I walk in the city I burst out in laughter when I see him and people think I am bonkers. These statues are always cheeky.

      I say everybody should have pigs for pets! Hmmmmm bacon :D

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