Sugar Detox Challenge: Feeling like Batman!

So yeah it’s only the second day but then again.. it is the second day! I made it. Woehee. Safe and sound.

Though on a sulky note; my brother had bought donuts. Thick, sweet, luscious donuts. Oozing with the promise of a tastebudly delight. But I withstood the test.

(Truth be told.. I did went to the fridge a few times. Just to pet them on the orange glaze and whisper words of my undying love.)


8 thoughts on “Sugar Detox Challenge: Feeling like Batman!

  1. Well done, especially in light of the doughnut temptation!
    Now I feel guilty for eating an entire mini Victoria sponge with fresh strawberries which I bought at the village market yesterday. I also feel a bit queasy this morning :-)

    1. Oh dear lord. Just googled Victoria sponges. Drooling over here in Holland! British pastry is scrumptious. Some years back I had a Jaffa cake. It’s a bit similar to Pim’s Orange but so sooo good!

      I bet it was well worth the queasy feeling! ;) Och and with fresh strawberries!

      Wish you and the stomach a wonderful Sunday! :D

    1. I do hope so.. Time to change my life around for once ;) Och those donuts… I still weep a little when I think of them hihi. Hope all is well Tahira. Big hug and much love mi gudu! :)

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