Sugar Detox Challenge: In memory of Pecan-Karamel


For the past few days I’ve been lingering in front of the fridge. Opening it. Closing and Opening.
Thinking to myself: “Just one bite, they will never know”. And then feeling quilt y straight away for attempting to be a fraud.

This time I haven’t even sniffed.

My all time favorite. Ah the times we had. You’ll always be my number one.


6 thoughts on “Sugar Detox Challenge: In memory of Pecan-Karamel

    1. I have no willpower either. ;) Blogging about it does make it a lot easier. Normally I’d given up after the first day! I feel so guilty each time I even thinking of cheating my way out of it and then blogging as if nothing happened. It’s now starting to get better but for the past days I was seriously cranky haha. :D In Holland we don’t consume maple syrup that much. I think we do have something similar.. it’s a sugar syrup that tastes a bit like syrupy rock candy. Google tells me that maple syrup still is high in sucrose (same as refined white table sugar) honey has a much lower level of sucrose. Then again maple syrup wouldn’t be for everyday right?

      Och.. I’m thinking pancakes!! Still 21 days to go,, and then some nice savory pancakes with cheese and sugar syrup! Hmmm.. yumsies!! :D :D

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